Young people are whole people.
We resist the idea that youth can — or need to be — fixed. We uphold that youth inherently have value, regardless of what they contribute. We seek to undo ageism by providing opportunities for youth to explore their communities and use their voices. Young people are not the future. They are the now.

Fix systems, not people.
Just as youth do not need to be fixed, we believe that people do not need to be saved. Our work to change communities is driven by our desire for justice and our understanding that systems of oppression — not broken people — are the cause of societal injustice. We invite people to build power in spaces where we hold each other in mutual regard as whole people.

Center those most impacted by oppression.
We seek to honor the experiences of all people, centering the voices and visions of those who live at the intersections of multiple marginalized identities. Big Citizen HUB draws on the principles of intersectional feminism, as articulated by civil rights advocate and scholar, Kimberlé Crenshaw. We recognize that our work requires an anti-racist, survivor-centered, trans- and queer-inclusive lens to truly create the change that we wish to see. We believe that all bodies are welcome, and that all people deserve spaces where they can show up as their whole selves.

Embrace Change, Make Change.
We recognize that as we move toward social justice, we must continually assess our own potential and need for growth. We embrace change in our programs, partnerships, and daily operations, to ensure that we honor the core of our work — the needs, voices, and humanity of the youth in our community — in order to create change in the world.

Support community, seek community support.
We believe in the power of community, which we define as a circle of individuals bonded together by the strength of our interpersonal relationships. Building community enables each of us to take risks, cope with setbacks, and thrive to move through challenges. While every individual is powerful, we know that we are strongest together, and that community is our first and most powerful tool in changing the world.

Learn together, grow together.
We are committed to the self-determined growth of each member of our community. We believe that learning and personal growth are dynamic, holistic, and healing. We seek to build a safe, supportive, and judgment-free environment for cooperative learning and healing from personal and historical traumas, centering play, exploration, and the sharing of skills and insights. We honor the diversity in our community members’ growth, recognizing that learning and healing take different paths for everyone.

Honor our interdependence.
We believe that our lives are intertwined, and that what affects each of us affects every person to whom we are connected. Our interdependence is a source of strength as we fight for one another’s well-being and justice. We resist the emphasis on individualism and zero-sum happiness promoted by capitalist, settler colonial economies and strive to build systems and practices that allow us to flex our ability to care for one another.